Monday, December 6, 2010

Tweet Tweet Reel People

We are so star struck by celebrities[Reel People] that we sometimes forget that they are real people. They are real people right??? And celebrities always tend to forget that we are the one who made them. Did we not ???

We are the soul creators of the celebrities. NO DOUBT. It's the public who decides the fate of the reel person, if person has impressed the viewer; he becomes celebrity else he is one among us.

But, would these celebrities give the same respect to the public.
I have been using twitter for sometime now and all I follow are celebrities. Some of their tweets are funny, some are informative and some are just the causal tweets.I replied to few of the tweets and never received any reply from them. Few of my friends also shared the same opinion, and few are Like I don't care for their tweets, I tweet because I'm a normal person.

And that made me think 1001 times if the celebrities are Real people, Of-course NOT was all I concluded, if they were they would have replied to the tweets (sounds kiddish). They are more famous than the real Normal people. The real people do not get feted by the press,mobbed by groupies or excoriated from the pulpit and for sure they can never be one among us.

My friend quoted this one day...
“Real people use face book and Reel people use Twitter!!!”
And I feel its very true. Twitter has less tweets from real world and more tweets from reel world.

I spoke to few people who always think this way. Reel people do the way the public wants from them. They act they change all according to what we expect from them which indeed made me very strong enough in my thinking.

With all the mixed feelings I still respect the celebrities, just wish them to be good to the public and respect there feelings and thoughts too


  1. Most of the film stars are LEGENDS and dont like to be CELEBRITIES... :)

  2. Perspective matters dear...

  3. i truly agree with you aji ,n i feel we r also stars in our own world with bit more brains than them :) hence we blog and use facebook !!!

  4. I dont agree with the statement of your friend.
    Twitter for me is far simple than facebook and there are hell a lot of informative tweets.all you need is to follow the r8 people.i used to follow amitab and he spammed my twitter.i unfollowed. you could do the same if you feel you are not interested.

    and reg not answering i dont think practically its possible to answer everyones tweets. they might get too many tweets in a day. for me following a star on twitter is not to talk with him but it gives me info about my hero directly 4m him rather than some stupid xyz website who keep writing all sorts of non sense to get hits which is 98 out of 100 times wrong.

  5. @Satya: :)
    @Sai: Yups honey Perspective matter...
    @Nish: We always fall on the same ladder
    @Srinivas: u r very true, but my heart always feels bad when i'm left unresponded...I couldn't take it :(