Monday, December 20, 2010

Lovely Weekend

Its Holiday season...Season full of party's. This weekend was so wonderful, had so many party's to attend. The best things about these party's is getting ready with colorful clothes and food of-course...I finally got a break from cooking for 2 days...
Its quite a time I attended series of party's. 
Coming to the outfit, to one of the party's I wore Muse Purple dress with a Tadashi Shoji Black Stole/Scarf. I got this stole from Nordstrom, its stretchable a bit and very comfort. The stylist taught me few ways to take it on dress and loved it totally. With this outfit I wore like a short hand cardigan, and the ends tied like a bow at the back...I forgot to take the picture of the bow :(
Last invite of the weekend was from a good friend of mine to attend a Christmas party at his church. This is first time ever I was attending a Christmas party @ church. It was so much fun. coming to my outfit I was not sure about the outfit for church but wanted 2 wear in Red as its X'mas time... So was time for my Cashmere cardigan with Derek heart floral knit top and Levis Jeans
I remembered a Quote
" Live for today, Plan for tomorrow and Party Tonight!!!"
Hasta la Vista...


  1. @Anil: Oh Buddy itz once in blue moon we get to see Sun here...

  2. luking like a doll in frock.. keep rocking..

  3. Ouch... i hardly can understand any ladies fashion..but one thing i understand is that u have been attending a lot of parties.. that sounds fun.. Keep rockin aji