Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Eat Healthy, Workout Daily!!!

                        Ooops look who is speaking about staying fit...
A girl who just loves eating spicy,cheesy food and lazy enough to do workouts.
I'm a type of girl who lives just for eating and shopping,nothing fascinated me more.But today I realized it was getting difficult to fit into my clothes... Its high time to think about fitness and workouts. 
And hence today I made my mind and took a New Year resolution. 
                                        "Eat Healthy, Workout Daily!!!"
I've never been a breakfast person and I usually eat lunch on the run and gained 10 pounds during the past few months. I don't like Milk,egg or in that case any good protein food. And 1 Day I fell sick. And my reports said I'm Vitamin Deficient... I had less or to that case No Vitamin D and B12 which caused joint pains,dry skin,stressed nights and what not. I'm daily living on Medicines to gain my proteins but never realized the diet also plays a vital role.

My Daily Diet was
till 12noon - No food
12:30pm  lunch mostly rice with some spiced side dish
7:30pm    Dinner mostly Indian
In between lots of Candy's, Chocolates and as the Queen of Lazyness no exercise 
This daily diet would never give me any Vitamins or proteins and I'm Sick of taking medicines and so decided upon my  Diet Do-Over

Diet Do-Over
Breakfast- Split as 2 mini meals
7:30am  Large glass of milk and a Fruit
8:30am-9:30am workouts (Gym/Yoga/Skipping...)
10am - Toast/Oats 
12pm   Salad
12:30pm Lunch, No rice. Includes 2 roti's and lots of side dish( Side dish steamed cooked mostly)     
4:00pm- 6:00pm Soy Milk / Butter Milk and a fruit.
7:00pm Dinner Dhalia...Recipe
If hungry before bed eat fruits or veggy's....
Most Importantly taking minimum 10 glasses of water daily..

I would start up with my diet do-over from Jan1st 2011. The only motto I have now is reduce the weight I gained and stay healthy. 

Any one joining me ???


  1. woow aji ,i should alos consider this diet :P chalo lets work out together

  2. Good to relise
    hard to pracice
    make it in 2011
    another thing to add
    timely sleep & no nightouts

  3. Good resolution...
    Is this diet only for u or applicable to Sai also ???