Thursday, December 16, 2010

Winter Garden

Did any one see the blossoming winter wonderland any time? 
Oh yes winter, where there are no leaves on trees and yes I meant Blossom too...
Today I was very fortunate to see this amazing beauty and had no words. A garden full of lights. Its Christmas time and one can see Christmas lights and decorations every where but, this garden with lights was very special. All trees in the garden were blushing with happiness in this winter. 
Kudos to the garden team who has helped in such a fantastic show. 
These lights were arranged in a theme like water fall, swimming pool, garden and what not. All most all trees in the garden were decorated.
There were Alligators, Turtles, Rabbits too in this garden

It was raining whole of day and we were in fix to go or not, but we made our mind to visit this place. God's grace there was no rain but was damn freezing. 
Sharing the website details GardenDlights

Coming to my outfit I wore Nicole Miller Red Crush Velvet Ruffle dress with my Guess Jacket. I love this Jacket a lot, this was my first purchase @ US @ Nordstrom
Mistake I did with this outfit was pairing up Black Tights with Black Sandals :(




  1. Garden is beautiful
    SAJI in the garden is also beautiful

  2. music suits the context.. nice pics buddy!

  3. wowww it s so butiful.. n ur piks r kool.. :)

  4. @Mvrao: U r d best Dad....Love to see u'r comments...Feel sooo energized
    @Neha: Hugs 2 u sweety
    @Anil: Thx dear...
    @Kristina: Thx Much...And the place was jus awesome tooo
    @Pria: Ye it indeed was beautiful....

  5. Good work Saji:)

    Nice pics n writing....