Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Socialism for the Rich and Capitalism for the Poor

Morning news “Kiran Kumar Reddy to be sworn in as the next Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister”….

Politics this always bothers me, especially when it’s all about India. From my childhood I always hated politics. People are people; they speak a lot and do nothing for the country.

How many of us are really casting vote based on the power of the leader and not favoritism? How many of you believe that country requires educated leader???

We were taught by our parents, and we are teaching the kids the importance of education for living in the society and then why are we are not able to teach the leaders.
When we get into school/college for the admission: clearing entrance exam is must, the pre-requirement of the school...
When we go for the first interview to s/w Company: they see the grades as the minimum requirement
When we go for interview to any other firm(singing, dance, and acting): they see the ability before they actually hire them.
When every move in life has been defined with pre requirements then why not define some requirements to the political system in the country.

Not all people can become manager/ director /producer of a company/movie or any firm. We see many company’s loosing projects, many flop movies. All has one reason improper management, improper leader.
Same is the situation with our country. Leaders get lots of money to spend during the campaigns but when it comes to serve the country, we are out of money. There are villages who are seeking their help but no one is bothered about. There are people who are raising voices but see no progress. What were the recent developments made which had really a good impact on people??? I didn’t hear much of them.

Earlier corruption/ bribe were happening behind curtains but now?? When I lost my mobile, I wanted a FIR to be submitted to the network providers to get the list of dialed numbers. I went to the nearest police station and told the situation. The police responded if you give Rs 200 I will give u the FIR immediately. I could do nothing except paying him off. For a moment felt so much guilt for me. If our leader was good would this situation ever happen? Would a Police demand that money?  This would have happened with many of you people just that one might feel guilt to speak about it.

The government’s bestowal of money grants, tax breaks, or other special favorable treatment on corporations and the poor, the tax payer to pay the debt that is created from that. Huh ‘the rich get richer and the poor becomes poorer’. So at end we the PEOPLE are becoming poor. But Politics is all about US, OUR LIFE… let’s fight for it.

“Be angry about what’s wrong, a life which is not angry about wrong is not worthy life” – Quote by a leader. So true only if you are angry you speak the truth and you act properly.
Not all cancers have same treatment same as not all divisions in political system would have same solution. But if the leader is noble enough and thinks for the people we should be seeing a New Country.

I love my country so as you people too. Let’s bring a change, let’s have a better living.
“We are the YOUTH of the Nation, We are the new generation… we can change the system “

 Ciao till next Time !!!


  1. Wow vadina, i like your blogs and the way you write.

  2. societal behavior has its roots in culture buddy, adhi change avakunda system ni change cheyalem. to quote one of my friends - "cultures are merging. eventually all cultural differences will disappear the world will have a single culture". although i'm not a proponent of this view, i do like the idea of borrowing the best elements from different cultures and incorporating them into our own. and being the ambassadors of our country around the globe, it is our responsibility to begin working on it!
    keep blogging!!

  3. @Anil: Thx Buddy. Yups truly agree with u. Anything would happen only when people start thinking upon it.

  4. I wonder whether it is same Ajitha! What a clear vision!KEEP ON & ON

  5. lovely aji ,sorry for not able to read other posts ,but this makes me read your full blog now ,yepppieeeeeee girl you made it ,n yes whatver you sais is right our country is how it is ruled if the leader is right then probably;y whole system would have been right

  6. @ MVRao: Marriage opens whole lot of perspectives of life and world. And Aji is quick at learning :)

  7. @Mvrao: Dad thanks a lot...Even I wonder if I'm the same.
    @Nishath: Yups, lets see what happens
    @Sundar: Thx a lot for the support

  8. Good intent.
    So what is the first step you are going to take?

  9. Every indian feels the same when coming to politics!!!! ... may be even the new joinee politician feels the same ... passion for doing something to the country... but no existing politician supports him and morever doesn't allow him to do so...and it goes on..on... So hope for the best in near future for are beautiful country... anyways found one more nice blog to go thru :) .. few lines written by you are very good !!! :) keep posting... and we keep reading... bye bye ;)

  10. Next time a police or any other government official asks you for a bribe switch on your mobile camera and start the conversation.And say now you ask for the bribe...I am sure you will get a different answer...