Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Every person has their own prospective of thinking towards life. Few are happy, few are sad....

There lived a girl in her own wonderland. The wonderland includes pampering parents, loving brother, caring friends and LUCK. How fortunate she is!!!  In this journey of life she came across a boy and both fell in Love. They saw nothing but Love all round the wonderland.  After few years of this love age, they entered a next age called Marriage, a life full of compromising, understanding and many more. Girl took up the challenge and made her family life more colorful with new family’s and responsibilities
But, one day boy had to move to another place and thus, girl was forced to come out of her so called wonderland. Leaving everything behind with a heavy heart girl joined him and started a new life not a dreamland \wonderland this time, because she had the fear of losing it again. Life was smooth with lots of adventures, travel, and fun
As days passed on girl seemed to be unhappy. Something was bothering the girl and she started running away from life.  Nothing interested her; she used to spend days in dark and sleep. Noticed this, the boy was worried and started spending more time with her and understand her worry and in no time he found Confidence  is what she lacks. The boy worked hard and hard encouraging her in all the daily activities boosted her up. Girl is now trying to get connected to the world but is feared again. The boy never gave up; he tried and tried and finally succeeded
Girl is back to her world and she started to rebuild her wonderland, now girl has lots of confidence, no matter what ever situations she comes across she would be facing them and never regret with life.
How fortunate the girl is to have true love (boy) in her life, cared for her so much.
Yes, this is my story and yes I’m really fortunate enough to have him in my life. 
Every life has ups and downs and so as my life too. Confidence and A little faith is all that you need to face the world and you will see just happiness all round
                                                             And a Journey begins….


  1. Welcome to USA ...this country teaches us everything ;-)

  2. Sooooooooo expressive!!!!!!!!
    Every women will have more or less the same story...As u said confidence n faith is all that is required....
    All d best for ur journey ahead...

  3. thts a cute story.. keep smiling n take care.. wish u gud luck as always!!

  4. very true...nice one